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Saoji Mutton
Saoji MuttonSaoji Mutton RecipeSaoji Mutton RecipesSavaji Mutton CurrySavaji Mutton Curry RecipeSavaji Mutton Curry Recipes

Saoji mutton is a delicious mutton curry prepared with roasted and ground whole spices and dry coconut. The recipe is a traditional recipe of savaji community from Nagpur-Maharashtra. Savaji community is famous for its hot and spicy non-veg delicacies.

Saoji recipes use lots of whole spices, khus-khus and dry coconut. Roasting of spices makes the curry more flavorful, aromatic and very tasty. Dry coconut gives a thick texture to the curry.

Spices can be adjusted to suit your spice levels, but this recipe taste good hot & spicy. Saoji mutton curry can be served along with roti, chapathi and rice.

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½ kg mutton, with bones

For dry roasting:

1 bay leaf

2 inch cinnamon

4-5 cloves

2-3 green cardamoms

1 black cardamom

¼ tsp shah jeera

¼ tsp dagad phool/black stone flower

2 tsp coriander seeds

6-8 dry red chillies (byadgi/kashmiri chillies)

½ tsp pepper corns

1 tsp gasagase

½ cup dry coconut

Onion paste:

1 tbsp oil

2 onions, sliced


1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

1 tbsp coriander leaves, chopped




  • Clean and wash mutton several times in water adding pinch salt and turmeric. Cut the mutton into medium pieces. Drain water from the mutton completely and keep aside.
  • Heat a pan and dry roast bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black cardamom, dagad phool, shah jeera and khus-khus for 1 minute. Keep the flame on low and dry roast the spices, else they may get burnt.
  • Now add to the roasted spices, coriander seeds, red chillies, pepper corns and dry coconut. Roast them too on a low flame for 2 minutes.
  • Once done, transfer all the roasted spices on to a plate and allow them to cool for some time.
  • In the same pan, add 1 tbsp oil and heat it. Keep the flame on medium and add sliced onions.
  • Sauté onions well till light brown in color. Take the onions from the pan and transfer it to a plate. Let the fried onions cool for some time.
  • In a mixer jar, add fried onions and grind it to fine paste. You can add little water if required while grinding. Transfer the ground onion paste into a plate.
  • Now add all the dry roasted spices into the mixer jar and pulse it few times until powder. Add water as needed and grind to fine paste. Keep the ground masala aside.
  • Heat a pressure cooker and add 3 tbsp oil. To the hot oil, add cleaned mutton pieces and fry on a high flame for 5-8 minutes till mutton pieces turns light brown in color. Keep stirring to avoid mutton pieces getting burnt.
  • Add ginger garlic paste and sauté well till the raw smell goes. Add onion paste and fry again for 2 minutes on a medium flame.
  • Now add ground masala paste and mix well with mutton. Add salt to taste and water as needed. Mix well and boil the gravy.
  • Close the pressure cooker with the lid and cook for 3-4 whistles on a medium flame. Switch off the flame and let the pressure release by itself.
  • Mix the mutton curry well and transfer it to a serving bowl. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
  • Serve hot Saoji Mutton with rice or roti.


  • Roasting the spices well is important to get a nice flavor and aroma to the curry.
  • Adjust spices as per your likings. You can add more or less quantity.
  • You can grind roasted spices and onions together too.
  • Cook mutton curry on a medium flame only.
  • You can also pressure cook mutton first and then sauté them with the ground masala too.

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