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Ragi Mudde
Ragi MuddeRagi Mudde RecipeRagi Mudde RecipesRagi balls recipeRagi balls recipesRagi Mudde Recipes

Ragi mudde is a healthy and wholesome food of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is called as ragi kali in Tamil, ragi sangati in Telugu and mudde or hittu in Kannada.

Ragi or Finger millet is one of the healthiest and nutrient rich cereals. It is high in protein, minerals, calcium; fiber etc. Ragi lowers blood sugar levels and hence controls diabetes. Ragi is rich in fiber and consuming it in the morning, keeps us full the entire day. Ragi is a comfort food and can be used in different forms.

Ragi mudde is prepared by cooking ragi flour with water till you get dough like consistency. It is then shaped into round balls with wet hands. You can also add little cooked rice to the flour while cooking.

Ragi mudde does not have a strong taste of its own and hence should be had with some spicy curries. Ragi balls are not chewed, but swallowed or gulped in tiny bits after dipping in the curry. Ragi Mudde and Bassaru is a popular combo in Karnataka.

Ragi Mudde can be served with both veg and non-veg curries. It tastes best with Bassaru, Hitikida Avarekalu Saru, Mossappu, Avarekalu sagu, chicken curry, Mutton kurma.

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1 cup ragi flour

1¾ cup water




  • In a heavy bottomed vessel, add water and boil it. Add salt and little ghee or oil.
  • Keep the flame on low and slowly add ragi flour to the boiling water. do not mix for few seconds and let the flame be low.
  • Now mix and keep stirring with a wooden spatula. Mix well so that there are no lumps. The ragi mixture will start thickening now.
  • Keep stirring continuously until the ragi mixture come together forming a lump.
  • Once the mixture is cooked well, the lump/dough will now be non-sticky and it will leave the sides of the vessel. To check, wet you fingers and touch the mixture, it will not stick to your fingers.
  • Switch off the flame and close it with a lid for few seconds.
  • Immediately transfer the prepared hot ragi mixture lump to a plate greased with ghee.
  • Dip your hands in cold water (normal water) and make small round balls out of the dough.
  • Serve hot Ragi Mudde with spicy curry of your choice.


  • Ragi Mudde tastes good with ghee and curd too.
  • A spicy curry either veg or non-veg makes ragi mudde more delicious.
  • Use heavy bottomed vessel to prepare ragi mudde. You can also use a nonstick vessel for convenience.
  • Add ghee instead of oil for more taste and flavor. Ghee helps in digestion too.
  • Wooden spatula makes the stirring process comfortable and easy.
  • Serve Ragi Mudde hot.

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