Mint Coriander Chutney

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Mint Coriander Chutney
Mint Coriander ChutneyMint Coriander Chutney RecipeMint Coriander Chutney for ChatsGreen ChutneyGreen Chutney RecipeGreen Chutney for Chats

Green chutney/mint coriander chutney is a spicy chutney recipe which is used for chat, snacks and sandwiches. This is one of the easiest & simple chutney recipes which can be prepared within minutes.

Green chutney/mint coriander chutney is prepared by grinding coriander leaves, mint leaves, few green chillies and ginger. Using fresh mint and coriander leaves makes the green chutney/mint coriander chutney more aromatic and flavorful. The quantity of green chillies can be increased or decreased based on your spice level. You can add a teaspoon of lemon juice and sugar to balance the spiciness of the mint coriander chutney. Also lemon juice helps to retain the bright green color of the chutney.

Mint leaves are pudhina and coriander leaves are hara dhaniya in Indian language. Mint and coriander leaves are herbs which are a good source of dietary fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin c, k, and protein. These herbs help in digestion and also help in detoxifying our body. You can also just chew the mint leaves to get the best of it. Adding freshly chopped coriander leaves to your food increases the aroma and flavor by providing you with essential nutrients.

The combination of mint and coriander leaves is excellent and gives you soothing green & aromatic chutney with all the goodness of both the herbs. There are many ways in which this mint coriander chutney is prepared across India. Few add garlic, fried gram and even curd to the chutney. If you wish to add curd, then omit adding lemon juice.

It is very simple and easy to prepare this green chutney/mint coriander chutney at home and you require only few minutes. Just add all the ingredients to the mixer jar and grind it to paste. Add only little water while grinding so you get a fine thick paste. You can add water as required when using the green chutney for your snacks and chat recipes. This chutney can be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated. It stays fresh for 4-5 days.

Green chutney/mint coriander chutney can be served as a side dish with any Indian food. You can also serve it with appetizers, sandwiches & snacks like paneer tikka, fish kababs, Tangri kabab, hariyali chicken kebab, aloo tikki, grilled veg sandwich, vegetable sandwich, Bombay masala toast, onion pakoda, aloo bonda, samosa, etc.

Green chutney/mint coriander chutney along with spicy red chutney and dates tamarind chutney can be added to your chaat recipes like, bhel puri, sev puri, dahi puri etc.

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2 cups tightly packed coriander leaves/dhaniya patta, chopped

1 cup mint/pudhina leaves, chopped

2-3 green chillies

Small piece ginger, chopped

1 tsp lemon juice

¼ tsp sugar (opt)

Water, for grinding

Salt, to taste


  • Take fresh coriander and mint leaves. Pluck the leaves and take them in a bowl. You can also include tender stalks of mint and coriander.
  • Rinse them well in water for few times. Drain the water completely from the leaves and keep aside.
  • In a mixer jar, add rinsed mint & coriander leaves along with green chillies and chopped ginger. Add little water and grind it to thick paste. You can also add 1 tbsp fried gram while grinding the chutney.
  • Transfer the ground green chutney to a bowl. Add lemon juice, sugar and salt to taste. Mix well everything. You can add more or less lemon juice and sugar to suit your taste. Instead of lemon juice, curd can also be added.
  • Store green chutney/mint coriander chutney in a clean airtight container. Refrigerate the chutney and it stays fresh for 4-5 days.
  • Use Green Chutney/ Mint Coriander Chutney in chat, snacks and sandwiches.


  • Adjust green chillies, lemon juice and sugar to suit your taste.
  • Green chutney/mint coriander chutney can be prepared with only coriander leaves too.
  • Lemon juice can be replaced with curd/yogurt too.
  • Fried grams can also be added while grinding the chutney.
  • You can also add few garlic cloves if you like garlic flavor in the chutney.
  • Refrigerate green chutney/mint coriander chutney in an airtight container to use whenever needed.
  • Always use a clean and dry spoon to serve the chutney.

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