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Kesaribath is a popular south-indian sweet dish recipe prepared with rava or sooji. This is very popular sweet in Karnataka and other south-indian states and varies in taste and texture regionally. Kesaribath is a very common sweet recipe which is usually prepared during festivals and special occasions. This is a very simple sweet recipe which can be easily prepared and takes very little time.

Kesaribath is served along with rava upma/khara bhath in Karnataka and this combo is popularly called as “chow-chow bath”. This sweet can also be prepared for breakfast along with main dish. Kesaribath can be prepared with pineapple, banana etc. too.

Kesari means saffron or orange color. Addition of the spice saffron makes the dish orange-yellow in color. Artificial food colors also can be used, but as they are not good for health, not recommended. To get orange/yellow color to the recipe, you can use natural color extracts like saffron or turmeric powder.

Kesaribath is also popular in North India as sheera or sooji halwa. The recipe slightly differs as they do not use saffron or turmeric and also less ghee or oil is used in the preparation.

Kesaribath is prepared with rava, sugar, ghee or oil and flavored with cardamom/elaichi powder. Fried cashew nuts and raisins can be added for crunchiness. Rava has to be roasted well till it turns aromatic. You can dry roast rava or can add a teaspoon of ghee too. Be generous to use ghee in the recipe as it makes Kesaribath richer and enhances the flavor too.

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1 cup rava/sooji, fine or coarse variety

1 cup sugar

½ cup ghee

2 cups water

½ tsp cardamom powder

Few strands of saffron/kesar or pinch turmeric powder

8-10 cashew nuts

4-5 raisins


  • In a sauce pan, add water, sugar and bring it to boil. We do not want any string consistency. Sugar should dissolve completely. Take the sugar syrup from the flame and add few strands of saffron.
  • Heat a pan on a medium flame and add 1 tbsp ghee. Fry cashew nuts and raisins till golden brown in color. Transfer fried nuts to a plate and add rava/sooji. You can use fine or coarse rava.
  • Roast rava for 3-4 minutes on a low-medium flame until aromatic. Now slowly add sugar syrup little by little to the rava and keep stirring continuously. Keep the flame on low while adding the sugar syrup.
  • Keep stirring until rava absorbs the water. Add ghee and stir again well until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Add cardamom powder, fried cashew nuts and raisins. Mix everything well.
  • Serve Kesaribath


  • Fine or coarse variety rava/sooji can be used to prepare Kesaribath.
  • Quantity of sugar can be increased if you want Kesaribath to be more sweet in taste.
  • You can also use turmeric powder instead of kesar/saffron. Add only a pinch of turmeric to the boiled sugar syrup.
  • Adding nuts is optional. You can skip it as well.
  • Be generous to use ghee. It gives a nice flavor and taste to Kesaribath.
  • Rava can also be roasted in ½ cup ghee until aromatic and later water and sugar can be added to the roasted rava.
  • You can use oil instead of ghee too. Also mix of both ghee and oil too can be used.
  • Kesaribath can be prepared for nivedyam too on any special occasions.

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