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Idiyappam/ Nool Puttu/Sevai/Semige/String Hoppers as they call are one of the favorite breakfasts at home. It is a simple delicious dish made with rice flour, water and salt. Nool Puttu is very famous in South Indian states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is also made in Srilanka, Lakshadweep and Malaysia. Idiyappam is a healthy breakfast option as it is steam cooked.

The name Idiyappam is derived from Tamil/Malayalam, where idi means broken down and Appam means pancake. The dish is also popular in Karnataka and is called as “Samige” or “Shavige”. These can be served with coconut based spicy curries or can be served with just grated coconut and sugar or Sweetened Coconut Milk… Kids will love this!!



2 cups Rice flour

1½ cup water


Coconut oil/Ghee


  • In a bowl, add water and allow it to boil until bubble appears in the bottom. Do not roll boil. Switch off the stove as soon as water starts to boil.
  • In a separate wide bowl, take rice flour and add salt to taste. Mix well. Now add hot water little by little and mix using a spatula as the water is too hot to handle with your hands.
  • When the mixture becomes warm, start kneading to form soft and firm dough. At this stage you can add little ghee. The dough should be soft, non-sticky and smooth.
  • Now grease the mould and Idiyappam press and idli plates with coconut oil. Fill the dough into the mould. Squeeze it onto the idli plates.
  • Boil water in a steamer or idli cooker. Place the idli plates and Steam it for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the plates and allow it to cool for a while. Gently remove Idiyappam from the plates.
  • Serve hot with any spicy curry or Sweetened coconut milk.


  • Do not allow the water to boil completely.
  • Always add water little by little while you mix the dough. The quantity of the water depends upon the rice flour. So always start with little amount of water.
  • Cover the dough with a wet cloth so that the dough doesn’t dry up. It becomes difficult to press if the dough becomes tight. So it is better not to keep the dough for a long time.
  • If your dough has become sticky, add little rice flour and mix it and if the dough has dried up, then add little hot water and mix.
  • You can also sprinkle grated coconut on top of the Idiyappam before/after cooking for that extra flavor.


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