Gothambu Puttu | Wheat Flour Puttu

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Gothambu Puttu recipe
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Puttu –a staple breakfast of kerala is one of the healthiest breakfast recipes and has many variations to this simple dish. Earlier puttu was made with rice flour only. But today as everyone is very conscious about their health, they always look for healthier options. One such alternative to rice puttu is gothambu puttu or wheat flour puttu.

Wheat flour puttu is very tasty and easy to prepare as well. Wheat flour puttu has an amazing flavor and taste. The procedure to make wheat flour puttu is similar to our regular rice puttu.

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1 cup wheat flour

1 cup grated coconut

¼ tsp jeera

Ghee (opt)




  • Heat a pan and dry roast wheat flour on a medium flame for 4-5 minutes till nice aroma. You need to stir continuously.
  • Transfer the roasted flour to a bowl. Let it cool.
  • Now add jeera and salt to taste to the roasted wheat flour and mix well. Add ghee for more flavor and taste. Sprinkle water to the flour and rub with your fingers gently till you get a bread crumb texture. The flour should be moist without lumps.
  • Pour water into the puttu kudam (bottom pot of the puttu maker) and boil it.
  • To the puttu kutti (cylindrical tube of puttu maker), add the perforated plate. Add a fistful of grated coconut into it and then roasted wheat flour. Again add grated coconut and then wheat flour. Repeat the process till it ends with grated coconut.
  • Close the tube with its lid and place it on the puttu kudam. Steam it for 5-6 minutes. The steam starts coming out of the holes from the lid when done.
  • Remove the cylindrical tube from the pot and open its lid. Gently push the puttu on a serving plate with the help of a wooden spatula.
  • Serve hot with cherupayar curry/kadala curry/Pappadam or Banana.


  • Dry roast wheat flour on a low-medium flame till you get nice aroma.
  • Once the wheat flour is ready after sprinkling water, you can pulse it in a mixer too
  • Add grated coconut as needed.
  • Spicing the flour with jeera, gives a nice aroma and taste to the puttu. It also helps in digestion. But if you do. not like jeera in your puttu, you can skip it as well.


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