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Ghas Ghas Payasam
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Gasagase Payasa is a very traditional sweet dish of Karnataka. This Kheer/Payasa is really very easy to make. Poppy seeds, rice, cashew and almonds are dry roasted and ground with coconut and cardamom to get a smooth paste. Jaggery and water/milk are added to get the sweetness and the consistency required. Traditionally jaggery is used to make this Payasa. Sugar can also be used.

Poppy seeds are high in nutrition with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus etc. It has a nutty and pleasant taste. Poppy seeds Kheer help in relieving problems like mouth ulcer, constipation and sleeplessness.

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4 tbsp Gasagase/Poppy Seeds/Khus-Khus

1 tbsp Rice

8-10 cashew nuts

4-5 Almonds (opt)

1 cup Jaggery (increase or decrease as per your taste)

¾ -1 cup grated fresh/dry coconut

2-3 cardamom

Water /Milk as required


  • Dry roast gasagase/poppy seeds, rice, cashew nuts and Almonds together. You will start getting a nice aroma of poppy seeds and it would have slightly changed the color. Roast them on a medium-low flame only.
  • Allow them to cool completely. Grind them along with grated coconut and cardamom/elaichi to fine powder. Now add little water and grind again to get a smooth paste.
  • In a pan, add jaggery and little water. Let the jaggery dissolve completely. Filter jaggery syrup to remove impurities.
  • Take a heavy vessel and add together, grinded gasagase paste and jaggery syrup. Add water as needed to get the desired consistency. Milk also can be added instead of water.
  • On a low flame, boil it stirring occasionally.
  • Garnish with chopped Almonds. Serve hot or cold.


  • Alternately, instead of dry roasting poppy seeds, rice, cashew and almonds, you can soak them in water for 1-2 hours. Later grind this with grated coconut and cardamom. Rest of the process remains same as mentioned above.
  • Drinking warm gasagase payasa after dinner, helps in good sleep.
  • If adding milk, first boil grinded paste and jaggery syrup with little water and then add boiled milk. Switch off the stove after stirring.


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