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Dates Laddu
Dates LadduDates Laddu RecipesKhajur LadooKhajur Ladoo RecipesHealthy Dates & Nuts LadduHealthy Dates laddu Recipe

Dates laddu /khajur ladoo is a healthy and delicious laddu recipe which is prepared with dates, nuts and ghee. It is a simple and easiest laddu recipe which can be prepared within few minutes.

These Dates laddus are sugar free and is prepared with all natural and healthy ingredients. The sweet taste in the laddu is from the dates which act as a sweetener here. No need to add sugar or jaggery to the recipe and hence very healthy too.

Also, you can add any nuts and dry fruits of your choice to the laddu. Dates laddu can be prepared without adding them too. But adding nuts like cashews and almonds gives a nice crunch to the dates laddus. You can also add peanuts, pistachios and tutti fruitti to the dates laddu.

You can add more or less quantity of nuts and dry fruits to the laddu. It can vary as per your taste. So add them as you prefer it to be. To prepare these dates laddus, you can either use dates with or without seeds, but make sure you use a good quality one. If using dates with seeds deseed them before use.

Dates are one of the most popular and healthy fruit with several vitamins and minerals. As they are high in fiber, it helps to relive constipation and also controls blood sugar levels. Dates are rich in anti-oxidants and hence help to prevent cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Dates are a good source of fructose-natural sugar and hence a good alternative for white sugar.

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(1 cup=250ml)


20-25 dates, deseeded

¼ cup cashew nuts & almonds, chopped

1 tbsp raisins /kishmish

2 tbsp grated dry coconut /desiccated coconut

1 tsp poppy seeds /khus-khus/gasagase

1 tsp sesame seeds (opt)

1 tbsp ghee


  • Remove seeds from the dates (if using dates with seeds) and put them into a mixer jar. Pulse it few times to get a coarse paste. Do not add any water while pulsing. Transfer the dates paste to a plate/bowl and keep aside.
  • In a heavy bottomed kadai, add ghee and heat it. Add chopped cashew nuts and almonds. Fry them on a low flame till crunchy. Add raisins and fry till it pops up.
  • Add grated dry coconut, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Fry all together for a minute. Now add dates paste and mix it well. Keep stirring continuously to mix it well with other nuts.
  • Mix well till dates and nuts come together and form a ball/mass. Switch off the flame and transfer it to a plate. Let it cool down slightly. But do not cool completely as it becomes difficult to shape them into ladoo.
  • Grease your hands with ghee and take small portions from the dates & nut mixture to shape them into laddu. Dates laddu can be stored in an airtight container and it stays good for up to a month at room temperature.
  • Serve healthy Dates laddu.


  • Use a good quality dates to prepare dates laddu. You can either use dates with seeds or without seeds.
  • You can vary the proportion of nuts used in the recipe. Dates laddu can be prepared without adding nuts too.
  • You can use only dry coconut and raisins along with dates to make the ladoo.
  • While pulsing dates, you can add few figs too for a nice flavor.
  • Start shaping the ladoo when the dates & nut mixture is still warm. If it cools down, you will find it difficult to shape them.
  • Dates ladoo stays fresh for up to a month when packed in an airtight container.

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