Bombay Masala toast sandwich

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Bombay Masala toast Sandwich
Bombay Masala toast SandwichBombay Masala toast Sandwich RecipeBombay Masala toast Sandwich RecipesBombay Masala toastBombay Masala toast RecipeBombay Masala toast Recipes

Bombay masala toast sandwich is a tasty snack recipe in which spicy potato masala is stuffed between two buttered bread slices and grilled or toasted. The potato masala is stuffed along with vegetables like onions, cucumbers, capsicum, tomatoes etc. with a generous spread of green chutney. The toasted/grilled sandwich is served with a topping of crunchy sev.

Mumbai/Bombay is a city famous for its simple and great tasting street foods. Few of the popular street foods of Mumbai are vada pav, pav bhaji, Pani Puri, bhel puri, sev puri, dahi puri, ragda pattice, tawa pulav and sandwiches. People enjoy these foods as their snack or light meal.

Bombay masala toast sandwich is very filling as it is packed with aloo masala and vegetables. It has a delicious flavor of masala, green chutney and butter which is generously used to toast the bread slices. The recipe is very easy and can be prepared at home quickly. Bombay masala toast sandwich can be served for breakfast or as a snack.

Potato masala is prepared with cooked and mashed potatoes which are tempered with spices. Use butter generously on the bread slices to make it crispier. The sandwich is made spicy by using green chutney as a spread on the bread. You can use any vegetables of your choice in the sandwich and commonly used veggies are onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, beetroot etc.

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Potato/Aloo masala:

2-3 potato, boiled & mashed

½ tsp mustard seeds

½ tsp jeera/cumin seeds

1 tsp ginger garlic paste

¼ tsp turmeric powder

½ tsp red chilli powder

1 tbsp coriander leaves, chopped

1 tsp lemon juice



For sandwich:

4-6 bread slices, white, wheat, multigrain or sandwich bread

¼ cup green chutney

1 onion, sliced into rings

1 tomato, sliced into rounds

1 green capsicum, sliced

Butter, at room temperature, as needed

1 tbsp chaat masala powder

½ tbsp sandwich masala powder

Sev, for topping, as needed


  • Wash potatoes and cook them using a pressure cooker or a steamer. Once potatoes are cooked well, remove the outer skin and mash it well using a masher. Keep aside.
  • Heat a kadai and add 2 tsp oil. Add mustard seeds, jeera and allow them to splutter. Add ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw smell goes. Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt to taste.
  • Now add mashed potatoes and mix well. Check for salt and spices, add if required. Add chopped coriander leaves and lemon juice. Mix well and switch off the flame. Potato/aloo masala is ready for stuffing.
  • Take all the bread slices and apply butter on it. Also spread green chutney on the buttered bread slices.
  • Place 2 tbsp (or as needed) aloo masala on one bread slice and spread it evenly. Arrange sliced onions, tomatoes and capsicum rings over the aloo masala.
  • Sprinkle little chaat masala and sandwich masala powder on the veggies. Cover it with another slice of bread with butter and green chutney side facing down. Now apply butter on top of the bread too.
  • Preheat an electric sandwich toaster. You can also use a grill, stove top sandwich toaster or even a tawa to toast the sandwiches. Place the stuffed bread on the preheated toaster and toast it well till golden and crisp.
  • Once done, transfer the sandwiches from the toaster to a serving plate. Sprinkle sev on the sandwiches.
  • Serve hot Bombay Masala toast sandwich with tomato ketchup or green chutney.


  • You can use any bread of your choice like white bread, brown bread, sandwich bread, wheat bread or multigrain bread.
  • Vegetables like cucumber, beetroots, carrots, corn and even paneer cubes can be used.
  • As a variation, you can grate some cheese too on the aloo masala and veggies before toasting the bread.
  • Adjust spices, butter and chutney as required or to suit your taste.
  • Preheat the electric sandwich toaster as per the manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Bombay Masala toast sandwich can also be prepared on a grill, stove top toaster and tawa too.

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