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Aval Laddu
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Aval laddu is a simple, quick and a healthy sweet recipe. Aval is also called as poha, avalakki, atukulu or flattened rice/parched rice. Aval laddus are made with thick variety poha, jaggery, coconut and ghee. These laddus are rich in iron, minerals and vitamins.

Aval laddu can be prepared with red poha too and can also replace jaggery with brown sugar or white sugar. To bind the laddu mixture, milk can be used by reducing the amount of ghee too. Adding coconut enhances the flavor and taste of the laddus. You can use either fresh or dry coconut. However if you do not want coconut in the laddus, you can skip it too. Additionally, roasted and powdered peanuts or fried grams can also be added to the laddus.

Aval/poha/flattened rice is a good source of carbohydrates, fiber, iron, vitamins and minerals. Poha is a wholesome meal and good for people with diabetes, skin problems, heart diseases etc. Poha is low in glycemic index and hence helps to lose weight. As poha is rich in fiber, it keeps you full for a longer time without the need to munch all those unhealthy snacks or alternatives.

Preparing aval laddu is very simple and requires very few ingredients. It makes a healthy sweet/snack recipe which can be served to kids. Aval laddus can also be prepared for any special occasions like festivals and pooja. Aval Laddus can be stored in an airtight container and stays fresh for few days. But if using milk and reducing the ghee will alter its shelf life.

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(1 cup=250ml)


1 cup aval/poha, can use red poha too

¾ cup grated jaggery or brown/white sugar

½ cup dry/fresh coconut, grated

¼ cup ghee, or add as needed

3 cardamom /elaichi

4-5 cashew nuts (opt)

8-10 raisins (opt)


  • Take aval/ poha in a plate and clean it to remove any dust, stones or other small debris from them. No need to wash poha.
  • Grate jaggery and keep aside. You can also use brown sugar, palm sugar or white sugar too. If using jaggery, make sure there are no impurities in it. And if using sugar, powder it and keep it ready.
  • Heat a pan and dry roast aval on a low flame. Stir continuously and fry for 3-4 minutes until poha turns crisp. Do not brown the poha. Transfer the roasted poha to a plate and allow it to cool.
  • To the same pan, add grated coconut and fry on a low flame for few minutes until nice aroma. If using dry coconut, just heat it for few seconds. Transfer it to another plate and let the coconut cool for some time.
  • In a mixer jar, add roasted and cooled poha and grind to fine or slightly coarse powder. Transfer the ground poha to a bowl.
  • To the same mixer jar add cardamom, grated coconut and grated jaggery or sugar. Blend it well and transfer this to the bowl with ground poha. Mix well everything together and keep aside.
  • Now, heat ghee in the pan and fry cashew nuts till golden brown. Also fry raisins till they pop up. Remove the nuts from the ghee and add it to aval jaggery mixture.
  • Slowly add hot ghee to the powdered aval +jaggery mixture little by little. Mix well and bring everything together. Do not add all the ghee at once.
  • When the mixture comes together, stop adding ghee. Sometimes, you may need little more ghee to bring the laddu mixture together, so heat the ghee and keep it handy.
  • You can also add few tablespoons of milk to bind the laddu mixture. Warm the milk and keep aside to use when required.
  • Now, grease your hands with ghee and take little portion of the mixture and shape into small laddus.
  • Healthy Aval laddu is ready to serve.


  • Aval laddu can be prepared using white or red poha.
  • Adding fresh/dry coconut to the laddus is optional, but enhances the taste. You can prepare aval laddu without adding coconut too.
  • Milk can be added to bind the laddu mixture by reducing the amount of ghee. But the shelf life of the laddus will reduce if milk is used.
  • Hot ghee helps to bind and shape the laddu. Also do not add all the ghee at once. You may need little more or less ghee depending upon the aval/poha & jaggery/sugar used.
  • Adding fried nuts to aval laddu will give a good crunch. Laddus can be prepared without adding them too.
  • Aval laddu prepared with ghee stays good for more than 10days at room temperature. If milk is used consume it the same day.

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