About Us

Food & Culinary activities, as we all know are a continuously evolving process and vary from one taste bud to the other, from one culture to the other. Mankind has continuously strived to fulfill its desire for a satisfying meal by experimenting with different cuisines and methods of preparations.

Some have even gone to an extent to make cooking a lifetime profession or as a lifetime hobby. We at Indirecipes.com hail from a culture as Rich & Diverse as India, the land of spices which is also famous for its culinary activities since thousands of years.

People here consider cooking and serving of food in itself as a virtuous deed. We celebrate food and enjoy its different ways of preparation to satisfy & pamper our taste buds. The depths of various regional and national cuisines are astounding, remarkable and make us long for more.

Any type of gathering/occasion in any part of our country is incomplete without the regional/local food being served at the end. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that the served food would be a talking point among the guests for a long time. With the changing times and the changing family setups, many of us miss out the tasty homely foods we enjoyed as kids and seek out fast foods at eateries which most of the times could never match the taste of a home cooked meal.

We at Indirecipes.com are extremely passionate about food and take great pride in experimenting on different recipes and sharing the same with the world. We truly believe in the tag line “Live to Eat” and consider culinary indulgence as a true purpose of our existence. We consider wasting of food as a sin and would never encourage anyone around us to do the same.
The purpose of existence of Indirecipes.com is to encourage and lend a helping hand to those enthusiastic food lovers sharing the same passion as us with the timeless, tasty recipes to try it out at the convenience of their kitchen and serve the food and love among their family and friends.

Join us in experimenting with various culinary methods and let’s serve it with an overdose of love to our loved ones.